At the moment, I am interested in iconic images, why they are seen as such and why only some images are elevated to this status. These three mosaic portraits are my interpretation of images that are instantly recognisable to many people and might be seen as iconic.


For this portrait, I chose a gold leaf background to depict Jimi as a Byzantine iconic image. The use of a non-representational background brings the head and shoulders forward and indicates the person is not of a particular time or place, and is, in effect, timeless. 38x38 cm. Stained Glass and Gold Leaf.


The background for this portrait consists of Shakespeare's quotes about the face, particularly the notion that it can be thought of as a mask. This seems a suitable complement for the portrait, and emphasises the importance of his words rather than his actual image, over which there remains controversy, despite it being instantly recognisable. Stained glass and parchment. 40x36cm.


Visitors to NW8 still recreate this iconic image, and the crossing even has it's own website and a Trip Advisor rating. I wanted to use a traditionally static art form to depict movement. Faces were intentionally left blank to highlight the fact that because this image is so iconic, such details were unecessary. The usual identifier of who we are and our uniqueness, is superflous in this image. Stained Glass and mixed media 70cmx55cm.